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My site is a "best of" depository of the many photoshoots I have done over the years. I have a very different approach with my site as compared to other photographers.

I choose to show my many photos from the multitudes of photoshoots I have done over the years in order to demonstrate a consistency and quality as well as help prospective clients determine their stylistic perimeters.

As a promotional tool I only ask you to look at my portfolio and the different approaches in lighting,composition,and creative approach and judge for yourself if I am the photographer for you.

Jon Gorr is a Miami and NYC based photographer whose work has appeared in the New York Times,Wall Street Journal,Ocean Drive,Daily Candy,Urban Daddy,Modern Photography,Shutterbug Magazine,Scientific American,and for music clients Steely Dan Band,Cash Money Records,Jon Herington Band,Boz Scaggs,Michael McMadonald,and national ad clients Petco,Kohls,Urban Outfitters,,MAC cosmetics,Guess,Redkin,Fashion Bug Plus,Zumbra Fittness,Fashion Bug Plus,Faith 21,Forever 21,and Don Julio Tequila to name a few.

Jon is a lighting and photography teacher and an exclusive photo contributor for Getty Images and IstockPhoto and an assignment photographer for The Travel Channel.

Jon endorses Nikon gear and shoots with the 24 mp D7100,Elinchrome strobes,pocket wizards,and Savage seamless papers.





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